The CD

The Connecting Spirits CD

Rita Lindsay and Flo Bourke were both members of Connecting Spirits 2006. These talented young women sang the National Anthem with Belinda Eastham at our special services and at the Menin Gate. Flo  also played the piano at Talbot House, while Rita played her guitar and sang to the Staff and Students of St Aloysis College in Menen during our visit there. Both Flo and Rita were so inspired by the stories of these men and the sacrifices they and their families made in wartime, they expressed their feelings and personal responses to the story of the Great War through music. Each of them have written a number of songs and have since recorded them on a combined CD. The CD produced has a range of songs that deal with the tragedy and horror of the war and how it has impacted on the men of 1914 -18 and the generations that followed. The lack of recognition given to indigenous soldiers is a powerful thread through the music of Rita Lindsay and she brings to the WW1 story a very special voice on this little known aspect of our wartime past. While on tour in 2008, Flo as one of the Youth Leaders performed her songs at the original locations she was inspired by in 2006. The footage of Flo singing at Talbot House in Poperinge on the WW1 piano the men used in that period will be featured at the launch as part of the media presentation.

If you click on the name of each song in the sidebar at the right hand side of this page you will be taken to a page that gives an explanation of the inspiration for that song.

 It is intended that teachers across primary, middle and senior years of schooling can then incorporate the CD into their curriculum and be a powerful and emotive resource for special events and assemblies in the lead up to ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. It will also provide a role model to other young people about the importance of learning about our wartime past and the need to acknowledge all Australians in the past and present who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.



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