The Book

Connecting Spirits 2006 is the story of our trip in 2006. It was compiled by Julie Reece and Chloe Oborn with contributions from all tour members and many others as well.

The book is still available. Please contact Julie or Mal for details.

Schools wishing to purchase multiple copies for a school text, please contact Julie Reece to negotiate total price.


Marg Clark

"“Today's ceremony was superb and all I had hoped for…
How frail the commemorative cards looked in the wind.
However there is warmth given through their youth and sincerity of commemoration.
The flag warms the stone and poppies bob. "

Hamish Jurgs

Killed In Action
"This hell they call the Western Front
Is where we lie
For we are the dead of Australia
Lying in this blood soaked land.
We listen for the whistle that spells death
For our ‘Brothers in Arms’.
We the dead
Watch over our mates
From now until the end.
We give our comrades strength
To end this bloody hell
They call the Western Front. ."