Our Logo

Our logo was designed by 2006 tour member Rita Lindsay.

"The pelican (Ngori) represents the Coorong, River, Lakes and the Sea. It is also a totem (Ngatji) of the Ngarrindjeri people. The blue striped lines symbolise the waters. The curved, yellow lines signify the sun, the giver of life. The surrounding circles display the connection of the communities and students to the soldiers of the Great War. The circles also represent the coming together of people from different backgrounds and locations for a common cause. The white centres of the circles symbolise the spiritual link between past and present"

Rita Lindsay 2006



Rita Lindsay

"This project is unique as it involves students and staff, both indigenous and non-indigenous coming together as one, to pay our respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that their children’s children could survive in a free and equal country. This is a positive step forward for truth, justice and reconciliation. "