Ngarrindjeri soldiers

The Ngarrindjeri people live in the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Lower Murray region of South Australia. After European settlement, their spiritual home, Raukkan, became the site of a mission station known as Pt. McLeay.

From this station 21 young Ngarrindjeri men enlisted to become soldiers in the 1st Australian Imperial Forces.

Of these, 4 never returned home. These were Cyril Spurgeon Rigney, Rufus Gordon Rigney, Francis Alban Varcoe and Arthur Thomas Walker.  Of the four, only Rufus has a known grave in the Harlebeke New British Cemetery in Harelbeke, Belgium. The others have their names on the walls of memorials; Francis and Arthur on that of the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux in France, and Cyril on the the walls of the Menin Gate in Ieper, Belgium. A fifth soldier, Miller Mack, did return to South Australia but died of disease shortly after and is buried in the West Tce Cemetery.

For a more detailed history of the involvement of Ngarrindjeri soldiers in the First World War, read Dr. Doreen Kartinyeri's book "Ngarrindjeri Anzacs" first published in 1996.

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