The first "Connecting Spirits" trip occurred in late 2006. Since then 3 further trips have been successfully completed. Simply click on the links below to see reports of each of the trips.








Florence Bourke

"I feel that this trip has brought out the best in everyone. It has taught me quite unexpected things about myself; not fully realised yet."

Rita Lindsay

"We have returned. The trip has ended. The journey continues."

Dana Wilson

"It was a great experience for me. Never in a million years would I ever have believed that I would travel overseas at the age of 15.Through this trip I found that I had two great, great-grandfathers and a great, great-uncle who fought in World War 1. It was very emotional and rewarding to visit the sites of their graves or see their names on memorials. I was privileged to be able to bring photos and my experience home to share with my family. I will never forget this trip."