Your Words

Your Words (From Changi) (Rita Lindsay)

Singapore was the first stop on the itinerary in 2006. Whilst there we visited the Changi Museum and saw the wall of the Changi Prison,  symbolic of WW2. Featured on an exhibition were the words of J. W. Toon, POW, Prisoner of War which read "When you go home tell them of us and say, we gave tomorrow for your today". As I wrote his words in my memo book I was determined to carry his message home and to keep the promise to tell the people and what better way to convey his words, than through a song. Also featured in the museum was a replica of a quilt that was used to convey messages to the soldiers. This song also recognizes the Changi Chapel that represents all Chapels built by POW's, Prisoners of War, across Singapore. Inside the Chapel stands the Changi Cross, which was made from an artillery shell by Sergeant Harold Stogden. This song also makes reference to the Thai-Burma Railway and remembers the Prisoners of War.
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