IL Wulde Tjerlar

IL Wulde Tjerlar (On Eagle's Wings) (Rita Lindsay)

IL Wudle Tjerlar (On Eagle's Wings) is a tribute to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Soldiers and is sung in the Ngarrindjeri language. The lyrics were written in the form of storytelling and were influenced by the traditional Aboriginal way of passing on knowledge, an oral tradition that is thousands of years old. It talks about the noble warriors of old fighting in a great battle and mentions the returned soldiers and those that still sleep in a foreign land. The chorus of this song is asking the spirits of the soldiers to return and fly on the wings of eagle's upon the wind, back across the ocean to their homeland. This song also speaks about not forgetting, giving thanks to those who gave their lives and wishing peace be with them and to see them again in the Spirit World. Featured in this song is a Ngarrindjeri Elder, Tom Trevorrow, introducing the song by saying "Listen to my talk". At the end of the song he is also speaking in Ngarrindjeri about the Old Fullas, the Soldiers, the good warriors, leaving their home and crossing the ocean to fight in a distant land and that both the Ngarrindjeri and Australian men fought as one and gave their lives.