Rivers of Tears

Rivers of Tears  (Rita Lindsay)

Rivers of Tears paints a picture of the destruction that followed from the Great War and the impact it has had on the environment and the complete restructure of the countryside as a result of this war. Evidence remains within the landscape, such as trenches, bunkers, tunnels and craters. Old rifles, ammunition, remains, mines are still lying within the soil. Whilst on the 2006 Connecting Spirits Journey, we visited a man called Ivan Sinnaeve, "Shrapnel Charlie" from Ypres, who melts down ammunition found in the battlefields and utilizes the lead balls from the remnants of artillery shells to create small soldiers. "The lead that once killed soldiers is now moulded into new soldiers who can travel to their home, countries to tell people never to forget what happened here in the past and to bring a message of peace." Ivan Sinnaeve "Shrapnel Charlie", Connecting Spirits, A Journey of Reconciliation and Commemoration, by Meningie Area School and Birdwood High School, 2006. Compiled by Julie Reece and Chloe Oborn.
The last verse mentions the soldiers missing in action (MIA) and the returned and the ripple effect that this war has had on individuals and families.

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