April 20th

Day 14 April 20th Ieper

Today was our last full day in Ieper. We started the day with a walk to the Ramparts at the Menin Gate where we commemorated 6 soldiers. This was followed by a visit to the "In Flanders Fields" museum which proved to be very popular with the students and adults alike. The afternoon was then free for last minute exploration of this beautiful city or a little bit more shopping!!

In the evening we enjoyed an evening mela in the Vivaldi Restaurant.

Jami-Lee Lucas

Today I commemorated Private Thomas Henry Dyson of the 48th battalion. Mixed emotions swarmed my body. Happiness, sadness, fear are just to name a few. Standing up there telling the story of the young private bought me crashing down. I feel as though I was connected to him some way or another. Whether both of us being apart of the Findon community was what really connected me to him, or the fact that when I get home to Adelaide I can contact his family and tell them his story. I am truly blessed to have been able to stand up there and commemorate Thomas for the service he had done for the country. God bless your soul and let your story live on. Forever in my heart young Private Thomas Henry Dyson.

Isobell Koolmatrie

Lots of commemorations today at the Menin Gate. All done with such amazing stories once again. Loved the museum, “In Flanders Fields” in Ypres. My boys will be so jealous so I’ve recorded a fair bit for them. The stories, (videos) were quite confronting.

Trae Rigney

A full morning of commemoration at the Menin gate: It was very moving, listening to each and everyone do their commemoration and to our young 11 year old, he did and outstanding job if he ever comes on this trip again I want to be there.Went to Flanders field museum, was magnificent! A huge place with plenty of history, bad news for the day! Stairs!! 


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