April 21st

Day 15 April 21 Ieper to London

An ealier than normal start so we could catch the early ferry across the channel to England. Once there we made our way to the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-Le-Ferne. This remembers the 3000+ "few" who flew during the Battle of Britain. We then drove back to Dover to go through the Dover Castle. We took the Operation Dynamo tour, which looked at the huge operation to rescue as many Allied soldiers as possible from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. It was originaly hoped that 45000 could be brought back across the channel to fight anotherday, but instead over 320000 were brought back. 

Then a drive into London with a look at a few sites and a stop at the Tower Bridge for a group photo and a quick snack. Then it was off to our hotel to check in, then freshen up before we walked to our restauarant for tea.

Isobell Koolmatrie

Ferry ride was quite calm, (Thank God!!). The Dover Castle tour, Operation Dynamo was great

Trae Rigney

Off to England!! Early morning, long ride on the boat all the way to England, didn't get sea sick which I'm happy about. Went to Dover castle and went under tunnels and it was best I've seen yet, everything was so understandable and explainable, I loved it

Sam Crow

It was amazing to see Dover Castle and the Secret Wartime Tunnels. 'Operation Dynamo' exhibition was a great experience. 


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