April 19th

Day 13 April 19th Free Day in Bruges

Jami-Lee Lucas

Bruges was the town of old stone buildings, low bridges Horse drawn carts and little nik nak shops that made it seem real It felt like we were in the era where knights in shining armour roamed the forests on horse back battling other armies for land The life within was beyond indescribable The Belfort tower however was a different story. Crazy wild spiral staircases, narrow with no room to move Step after step, breath after breath Until finally we stepped up the last step and saw the city of Bruges so full of colour, beauty and amazing aromas .Shopping followed Chocolate, clothing, glass elephants. All to make one happy

Isobell Koolmatrie

Shopping and Chocolate and lots of pictures. Most relaxed day I have had on the trip. Really enjoyed the old city of Bruges.

Trae Rigney

A busy and long day, everyone was tired and just wanted to rest: I had a few problems throughout and the day but didn't let it get to me the next day. I thank the girls for forgiving me and I thank them for being my friend. It was amazing day after all and I enjoyed it! 


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