April 26th and return

Day 20 26 th April - LAST DAY IN LONDON- FLY HOME

Julie Reece

This amazing three weeks was drawing to a close and as the group had grown into a closely bonded family, it was going to be hard to say goodbye to these beautiful Connecting Spirits peeps.Yesterday was a fitting end to our commemorative journey but with the long haul flight home to face up to tonight it was decided to have a late start with a much welcome sleep in. I organised a late checkout for midday and lunch later on at a pub in the delightful Thames town of Windsor. So before checking out the group came down to the lobby for a final de brief and journal writing. We discussed some of the many special memories for the group then after a bit of a sharing session I let them get on with writing. Looking at them all sprawled all over the furniture, including the adults, our group sat in silence jotting down their treasured gems from the tour. It was a perfect way to unwind rather than try to fit in one more London visit somewhere...we were all exhausted emotionally and phyiscally so this was so right. Lunch at a posh pub was organised by our beloved driver Richard and his choice was excellent. A classic beef roast with Yorkshire pudding and home made icecream did the trick. From there it was off to the village of Windsor in the shadow of the castle and here we let the group wander for a couple of hours proir to the inevitable airport farewells. The first lot of goodbyes were to Tamika who was flying onto Northern Ireland for her own travel adventure. Tears and hugs abounded ...she had been a wonderful Youth Leader along with Mollie and it was hard to let her go. Finally as I was staying on in the UK as well , it was my turn...with a hug and smooch from every group member Mal led them off to the checkin point....always hard this bit but even more this time as this group had bonded so closely. It had been a hard and complex project but those 20 days will stay with all of us forever...thank you CS 2015...it has been pure joy to share the journey with each and every one of you.