April 10th

Day 4 10th April Paris to Amiens

A good sleep and a relaxed start to the day was followed by a trip to the Arc de Triomphe. After spending some time at ground level, a few chose to climb the stairs to the top while others made their way down the Champs d’ Elysees toward the Louvre. Some serious retail therapy was undertaken by some, while others were happy to simply walk in the glorious sun and soak in the ambience. Names such as Tiffany and Co and MAC got hearts racing and wallets thinner. We then had lunch below the Louvre before some more shopping. Then onto the bus and away from the city to the Somme and our next home for a while, Amiens.

Shania Weetra

It was amazing; so much to see and do, BUT always keep your eye out on your belongings due to pickpockets. My most favourite thing was seeing the Eiffel Tower and the rich hotels. I enjoyed myself a lot in this most attractive and romantic place ever, PARIS. J.

Mollie Sandercock

Too much money was spent!!!

Deb Pedersen

Paris is an amazing city. Beautiful weather (short sleeves) and the people very friendly. Love Paris.

Sarah Bullen

Today I enjoyed walking down the Champs d’ Elysees and seeing the Arc de Triomphe up close and personal.

Alex Gorecki

I tried Starbucks coffee for the first time today!! Everyone said it’s amazing and honestly I have to admit it is. I ordered a coffee caramel frapp and it melted in my mouth. All I can say is Adelaide needs a Starbucks.


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