28th November

13 hours on a plane, little or no sleep and arrive in London at 6.30am. Huge queue at customs in Heathrow and then finally meet Richard and our mobile home, Bessie the bus, for the next 3 weeks. A quick tour of London on the bus and then to the Tower of London. A quick bite and a cup of coffee at Starbucks and into then Tower for a look at the Crown Jewels and the armoury collection. Then to our hotel and check-in. Then the highlight for some of our girls; a quick walk to Harrods and some shopping. Mostly of the window kind as the prices were amazing.

Alana Standley

After an exhausting plane ride, we finally made it into London. And what a city!!! I absolutely love it. Driving past Buckingham Palace was breathtaking, one of the highlights of the day for me. Visiting the Tower of London was also an incredible experience. The historic medieval artefacts that we got to view were amazing. Venturing through the old stone walls of those buildings takes you to another place. I thoroughly enjoyed today and very much look forward to to what’s to come tomorrow.

Amy Stott

After along draining flight walking outside into the cold crisp London air was a welcome feeling.

Anne Molinaro

Th eflight from Singapore to England was so long and the seats so confining. It was such a relief to land, the cold weather even felt refreshing. London is such a busy place.

Lauren Bagshaw

The Tower of London was actually pretty cool. It is amazing how many weapons and armoury they display there. The whole set up nearly takes you too that time, with beautiful medieval houses to brighten the heavy mood set by the stone walls and the crows. Though my favourite part for that day was seeing the crown jewels. The people in that building had the renowned English accent, just in case the jet lag was preventing us from realising where we were!

Julie Reece

Gotta love the exit row seats! The 13 hour flight went well …I even got some sleep this time. The border check at Heathrow was a bit of a pain though as all NON – UK passport holders were off to one side …David, always adding up stuff being the Maths nut that he is, said there were up to 1,000 of us in the queue…!!! AND we only had two officers checking us through… grrrrrrrr….Maybe it’s time for me to get a pommy passport! Our beloved coach driver Richard Wardle was ready for us and so London began to create its magic. I had pre-booked the group into the Tower of London after a coffee and breaky stop close by. With a bit of touring around as well we made check in early arvo. Our hotel is on Crompton Road walking distance to Harrods / the V & A + Science + Natural History museums but  I think that most of the group were on retail therapy mode. YAH! My room has a bath….luxury…

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