1st December

Stonehenge to Canterbury

We woke this morning to a very clear and crisp day. As we made our way to the bus with our luggage we passed trees, bushes and spider webs with a thick coating of frost. 20 Australians with their cameras out taking photos of spider webs in a shrubbery on the side of a motorway must have made an interesting side for the early morning commuters!!

Bianca Kahl

Waking up to the icy frost on the tress was really cool and so did Stonehnge with the sun rising over it.

Once we were on the bus we made our way to the old pile of rocks, as Richard likes to call Stonehenge. We jumped out of the bus but rather than fork out 8 quid each we walked along the road and took photos over the fence. You get nearly as close as you do if you pay to go in and the photos still look the same!!!

Amy Stott

Stonehenge was amazing!! It makes you really think about how difficult things could have been without new age technology.

Then on the road again. As we travelled to Canterbury, we made a detour to Folkestone to see the Battle of Britain Memorial. This is a beautiful tribute to "the few" who risked everything to prevent Hitler's plans to invade Britain. The students were beginning to feel the cold that will become part of the daily routine from now on as the wind came straight off of the English Channel. Then on to Canterbury. We parked the bus and then made the walk to the Cathedral Precinct where our hotel is located. This is a new hotel for us, and while those who had been before were sad that we would not be seeing our friend who asked us how we liked our eggs cooked for breakfast, our disappointment quickly disappeared as we looked out of our windows to see the massive Cathedral looming large across the view.

We took the students for a quick tour of the cathedral, which was limited as there was a service being conducted at the time. I guess I'll just have to catch up with the Black Prince again next time! From here the students were given free time to walk the ancient streets and view the sites, or in most cases head straight for the brand new mall and do some shopping. Hope you have got another suitcase Marni!!!!

Tea was mostly take away and with a curfew of 8.30pm, I was surprised to see everyone at 8.00am waiting for me to report to so that they could hit the sack!!!

Anne Molinaro

We stayed in Canterbury Cathedral tonight. Even though I'm not a fan of religion the church wa sbeautiful and with the amount of detail you could tell it was a very special place to the people who worshipped there.

Lauren Bagshaw

I loved our brief stay in Canterbury. It is such an enchanting little city; I could’ve spent all day looking around!

Julie Reece

Have died and gone to heaven…..this hotel in Canterbury is awesome. The usual one we book was unavailable so Elaine at Hardings’ Coaches popped us into the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Hotel which is INSIDE of the Cathedral grounds. When you check in you are issued with a security pass which gives you access after hours and as part of our booking we had free access to the cathedral. When I drew back my room curtains, I had a full on view of one of the most famous religious buildings on the planet. Thanks Elaine…pure gold!

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