Nov 29


Have been on the road now for just over a week and it seems like so much more than that as every day is full of rich experiences. These kids are soaking up everything…to you parents back home….your financial investment for your child will be worth EVERY hard cent! Each day we become closer and the level of engagement just grows. They are a real delight to be with…..well done to all you parents back home who can claim these as your kids. Today was a free day in Amiens so we met last night to sort out the group’s arrangements. The top priority was washing clothes! The breaky would be a late one then I asked everyone to meet at the Amiens cathedral at 3.00pm. They had to decide where they would have dinner in their groups in collaboration with the Youth Leaders. I had shopping to do for lunches and a bus to clean so my morning was busy. At three we all caught up and into the cathedra we went. It was a nice respite from the cold and soon we were out in it again. I took the group to the back part of Amiens in the Saint Leu area where all the canals are ….lovely shops and eateries. Then another meeting and the kids with their leaders decided on their dinner locations with the Youth Leaders in control (plus a good mobile phone in place!) The adults had a time on their own with some much needed R & R. As Amiens is a safe and compact town this was all very OK to do. No need to panic parents!!!!! Tomorrow we start the grinding story that is the Somme with friend and guide Rod Bedford.
Today was a free day. I was so excited about going to a Laundromat that I saved up my dirty clothes so that Ii had at least a half a load! We set out at ten and by the time we reached our destination Dylan’s clothes had dropped all over the footpath. We got there and then Mal turned us around….THERE WAS NO LAUNDROMAT!!!!!This was a low point in the trip. Despite this great disappointment Lina and I triumphed over adversity: we did all of our washing in just over an hour. Our hands dry and raw, towels dripping, our room looked like an urban slum with clothes hanging from every possible place in our room!
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