Nov 27


After the massive day yesterday today was going to be a low key affair by comparison. We were all very tired and as we drove onto the M25 most of the bus were us on the bus were asleep or dozing off. The snow was still around but it was no -where near as frigid as yesterday. A coffee stop en route was a welcome wake-up call and from there it was onto Canterbury. Making good time we were able to check-in to the hotel well before we had originally planned. Mal took the whole group into the town centre for a walk plus shopping for some people. A couple of kids went into the Canterbury Cathedral but at 7 pounds a head it was not embraced by the whole group! Normally I arrange a group booking but this year didn’t think we would have the time and then I get a cheaper rate. I stayed back at the hotel to get the daily blog up to date and after several hours finally got everyone’s comments entered. Well done me!
The kids returned after a couple of hours and then had some much needed down time. Dinner was back in Canterbury centre at the same Pizza express we used last time. Everyone’s spirits were in fine form and great meal had by all. By 8.00 though, some of our little darlings were just about asleep in their dessert, so it was back to the hotel for an early night. Walking back as a group was fun with Amanda skipping and giggling like a little kid. I wasn’t far behind and the kids thought I had finally gone mad! As soon as we got to the hotel though, the loud and crazy stuff stopped immediately and without a grizzle or winge they all toddled of to bed by 8.30. They all just wanted to crash but the thing I just adore about this bunch is how instantly they respond to our instructions. There has only been one time I had to mention to a group of kids to tone it down the noise level in a hotel and even then I had to pretend to be serious! On that occasion it was at the Stonehenge hotel and they were just excited about the snow! And this was the ONLY time over a week of intense travel I had to pull them into line……the hard thing was I was excited about the snow too! These kids are without a doubt the most precious and adorable bunch of young people I have ever had on any tour. I know that when it will be time to say goodbye at the end I am going to find it very hard to leave them. Thank you kiddies for making this such a magical time for us supervising adults too. Tomorrow we are off to the Dover Castle and then on the ferry to France and the next leg of our amazing journey. Now my blog it TOTALLY up to date!!!!!!! A certain person (no names here but he drives the bus!!!!) can now eat his words and stop nagging me! He…he……
Tonight was so much fun! We’re in the lovely freezing town of Canterbury and have just got back from a great dinner. It’s only been one week but o fee3l we’ve known each other for years! Everyone gets on so well and we’ve had some hilarious moments. I love how relaxed we are with the adults. They really seem to trust us which makes this trip twenty times better! The oldies know how to have a good time…..even if Auntie Lozza fails drastically at leap frogging the fence posts! I’m really gonna miss this when we go home!
Today we did a lot of driving to get to Canterbury. On the way I realized that I didn’t want to leave because I’d made lots of new friends and it would be hard to see each other as we live so far away.
Oh dear when I read this I see what this is doing for these kids….they are starting to live what has become our life called Connecting Spirits! When our groups spend time with our French, English and Belgian friends who have become SO close to us, the leaving part and the saying goodbye bit is very hard. They have no idea what is ahead of them! And Lina is worried about saying goodbye to her mates in Meningie….I will have to do that with friends who will be 12,000 kilometers away when I return to Oz!!!!

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