Nov 24


As expected, had an awful sleep. Took forever to get to sleep then woke up after only a few hours. Mapped out the day and started at the Hyde Park Australian War memorial. Unlike previous years we would travel around London with the bus rather than contend with the London Underground. It was a great experience for the kids to master the underground but as we had one less day than other trips, I decided to have the bus with us to save time….and stress. The constant counting and watching our belongings was stress I could do without. A good decision though it didn’t make for an easy life for the driver. The coaches have to park well away from the hotel so it meant an early morning walk for Richard and of course difficult driving conditions so I guess he was allowed to have a bit of a winge! The Aussie War Memorial is always a hit with the kids as they love trying to find the name of their own town on the striking black granite slabs brought in from WA. And then as we walked through Hyde Park there she was again!!!!! Ol Queenie. She clearly wanted to see the kids again.
The weather was excellent: cold but very bright blue skies. The walk through the park up to Westminster was delightful and we ended up in Trafalgar Square where the kids took lots of pics of them sitting on the lions. Everywhere we go they always want to have group photos evidence of the strong bonds that have formed between the kids. It’s quite lovely really. And then of course when we go to the horse guards they just went crazy with photos next to the horse. Poor old Wozzie was being molested by the real horse, all quite funny. How those guards must tire of the silly tourists.
From there it was onto Churchill’s War Cabinet rooms where the WW2 story from Churchill’s perspective is told. The rooms give a wonderful insight into the way Churchill ran the war from this very location.
Went to bed too early which was stupid cos I woke up at 3.00 and couldn’t sleep after that. Walking through the city there was a very large police presence. We asked one of the officers what it was all about and he explained there were going to be large demonstrations happening. I can’t believe I’m doing my commemoration tomorrow!
Apparently the Queen is stalking us! Such a babe she is – pretty sure she blew me a kiss. Could have spent all day in the Imperial War Museum: I learnt a lot. Think I need to learn my history a bit more.
Today we did more sight- seeing. Visited the Australian War Memorial which had every town where people enlisted from on it. Walked through London and pretty much covered the Monopoly board. Went on the London Eye – great views!
Saw Big Ben on our way to Churchill’s War cabinet rooms. It was very cool to see all the sights of London. Morgan, Oliver and I took photos in a red phone booth which was good fun. After that it was off to the Imperial War Museum. I wish we could have had more time there as there was so much to look at.
Looking at the memorial in Hyde Park made me realize just how many men from Australia fought in the wars. Thousands of towns were listed! At the Imperial War Museum there are so many artifacts from the wars as well as having a reconstructed trench from WW1. It was very realistic and made me feel bad for the soldiers and the conditions they were in.
The second day in London was wonderful besides the weather, everything else is amazing. The highlight of today would have to be the London Eye. The people on this trip are great: they’re like my family already.
Originally I had intended to take the kids to Hamleys’ toy shop but tiredness was kicking in big time so aborted that plan. Thanks goodness we were eating our dinners at the hotel…..too easy. End of a good day.
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