Chelsea and Cass Poem

The peom written by Cass and Chelsea and read at the Farewell Dinner.

On Novemeber 20th
Spirits were high
We were excited and nervous
But ready to fly

Poor old Jack
fell sick on the plane
The flight attendent sighed
"Oh what a pain"

We made it to Singapore
All safe and sound
forgetting a delay
Where we touched Darwin's ground

While in Singapore
We tried on sarongs
Thank Lord and Heaven
Julie didn't have a thong

The next stop was London
And we were all pretty keen
Especially when Cass claimed
The Eiffel Tower could be seen

Is it a coach or a bus?
Only Richard would know
And his cricket team, England
Really does blow

Is that a tomato?
No its a blush
Jade's face tends to
Get a little flushed

It looks like some birds
Are on the loose
When Hayden's around
They call him the Goose

We're all part of a team Tristan
And it's quite grand
But he's always angry
We don't understand!!!!!!

Up the back is Jude
Taking it all in
Listening to us talk
With a quiet little grin

Nothing could match
The joy that we felt
When Queen-Dog drove past
I think we made her melt

From his sheep farm and
Meningie, Timmy came here
He was disappointed
There were no sheep to shear

Nick's cut little face
It's such a baby's bum
Everyone thinks he's a hun
(Nawwwww Nick)

Poor little Dylan
Hated the Eye
He clung to the rails
As we were so high

Katie buys hats
Of that we're sure
How many she's bought?
7 or more!!!

The thesis book
Was always correct
And its important pen
We could not forget

Now we are heading
For a pile of old rocks
Where Vanden Stink made his move
That sneaky fox!!!!

Those cute Sutton Veny's
With blazers and ties
Saw some Australians
"What a surprise"

And like a circus
There was a midget too
Apparently Dylan
Was in an avenue

While we're talking about Dylan
we forgot to say
The dog act, the IPod
And he might be gay!!!!!

The ferry to Amiens
Where shopping was done
Nick got some perfume
For his baby hun!!!

The excitement of snow
Got us pretty happy
But snow down the shirt
Or stocking was crappy

Now in Amiens
It was the laundramat we sought
But there wasn't one around
Like we first thought

So clothes smelt
For Oliver Logan
And so he spent the day
Dressed as a bogan

Beth was lost in the street
Her Dad had a scare
We could tell by
The joining of his eyebrow hair

Next we met
Our tour guide Rod
From his "Funny" jokes and tales
We knew he was odd!!

Poor Aunty "Cougar"
Oops I mean Loz
These tales they tell
Is she like that in Oz???

And there's Jake
Who forgot his shaver
I'm sure one of the girls
Would lend him a razor

Poor ol' Morgan
Is picked on by all
Apparently she's bald, has a beak
And is a fool!

What would you do?
If Chris blew his nose
On a serviette
Thinking nobody knows

Emma's always ready
To lend us a pen
She's tidy and organised
Oh what a gem

The little midget
Chelsea West
She's so annoying
The little pest

And little Miss Molly
Youy are so fine
You and your Grace
Is such a divine

Hamish got groupies
with his sexy voice
The girls knees were weak
They thought it was noice

What about Hayley?
Off to hospital she went
For her appendix
And a few nights she spent

Anny oh Anny
She likes the sprint
we walked much slower
But she couldn't take a hint

Flo and Amanda
Were after some goss
But theye were past curfew
So said "The Boss"

Skating in Brugge
With Lachy the pro
Wasn't it funny
When he hit the snow

At Talbot House
Flo was waiting for a jiggy jig jig
Her singing was beautiful
But she was wearing a wig

The experience for Lina
When taking a pee
She was quite horrified,
She could hear but couldn't see

Mal has his camera
That's no doubt
But his badl spot
Is still about

On this trip
We've all come together
And this experience
We'll remember for ever

It'll be hard saying Goodbye
That final day
But we'll be keeping in mind
We're just a facebook away