Nov 25

Tuesday Nov. 25 (Singapore- London) 

Another early start and this time it was a day of cultural immersion in the melting pot that is Singapore. This time our guide was the effervescent Geraldine. As with Helena we requested Geraldine as her guiding was wonderful. We began with a walk along the river learning about the ever changing face of this central part of the island. The old city and its river traffic was a very different place compared to that of contemporary times. Along the riverfront a fascinating series of bronze sculptures told the stories of the changing face of the city and it people. One that caught my interest was that of several children diving from the wharf into the river below. The bronze was magical. From there it was into the Malay sector and a visit to the Mosque. Prior to this our group purchased 32 sarongs in order to respect the dress rules. We looked so funny trying them on in the main part of the shopping area. Local Malay men giggled at our attempts to wear these skirt pieces. Our men and boys got into the spirit of it all and wore their sarongs with pride. This group photo will be hoot! As we took in all that the cultural sectors had to offer the heat and humidity was totally draining. Sweat poured from our bodies and kids and adults struggled to deal with the oppressive conditions. Lunch at the Indian restaurant gave a brief respite. The time in Little India and Chinatown was shortened so allow some down time at the hotel. Even so we still arrived back later than originally planned. Kids enjoyed the pool for a few hours while we packed and prepared for the long haul flight to London. Arrived at the airport at 9.00 pm for a 11.20 flight. The 13 hour endurance test was about to begin. We left the heat and humidity for a morning of 2 degrees in London!


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"Journeys"Tour with an emphasis on the main cultures of Singapore; Chinese, Malayan and Indian.

Leave Singapore aboard Singapore Airlines Flight SQ322 departing at 11.45pm.



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