Dec 9

Tuesday December 9: Bruges

(Have been on the laptop now for four hours on our free day. Time for a brief
report and a Stella!!!)
Today was wet, wet and wetter! I was anxious the day in the beautiful canal town of Bruges would be spoilt by the disgusting conditions. My greatest concern was that the kids couldn't go ice skating. However things were ok. It was awful as we drove the freeway to Bruges from Ieper but as we got closer the rain lessened a bit. We had four hours there and the kids had a ball. The ice skating was a real hit and their faces said it all. Where tears have streamed down their young faces for weeks now, laughter was the replacement. It was a tonic and the photos say it all. I welcomed a few hours in my own little world with Anny, Donna and Lorraine over an elegant lunch. Thanks Anny. Then some shopping though I didn't get a lot this time just another present for the grandkids! It was a delightful day and the wet shags who jumped onto the bus were happy little vegemites. Tomorrow is our last day in Ieper. More goodbyes.

December 9

To December 10th

Travel to Bruge for a day of shopping and fun. No commemorations!