Carew Reynell

Name: Carew Reynell

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Units Served: 16th Lighthorse Regiment (South Australian Mounted Rifles), 22nd Lighthorse Regiment and the 9th Lighthorse Regiment.

Personal Details: Carew Reynell was born on September 16th 1883 in Magill, Adelaide. He was the fourth child and first son of Walter Reynell and his wife Emily Reynell.

Enlistment Details: In July 1908, Carew Reynell joined the16th Lighthorse Regiment (South Australia Mounted Rifles) as a 2nd Lieutenant, and by November 1912 he was a major in the 22nd Lighthorse Regiment.
On December 16th 1914 he joined the Australian Imperial Force as a major and second-in-command of the 9th Lighthorse.
Details about his role in the War: On Thursday, February 11th 1915 Carew Reynell embarked from the Victoria Dock, Melbourne. At 12 noon he and his section commenced leading horses aboard the “Karroo”.
They disembarked from Alexandria on March 15th and arrived at the Dardanelles on May 21st 1915.
He gave himself the most dangerous task on June 30th of leading a counter-attack to drive Turks from the Lighthorse trenches.
On August 7th he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and became officer commanding after his C.O. was killed in action at The Nek.
On August 27th he was ordered to take the Maze of Turkish trenches on Hill 60 but was killed in action on the edge of a Turkish trench.
Age at Death: 32
Memorial Details: Hill 60 Cemetery Sp. Memorial 4
After his death Lieutenant Colne Carew Reynell’s body was brought back and buried on a nearby Valley side.
Interesting Material: Carew was a successful business man and vigneron, and was married to May Marion with whom he had a son and daughter.






Commemorated by


Stephanie Ferguson

17th December 2008